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Painless Payroll Processing:
On-Time, Every Time

We recognize the challenges tied to payroll management complexity. That's why we offer a streamlined platform, uniting all functions for effortless control.

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One click payroll generation

Release & Track in one go

Payroll processing is a crucial step where payroll administrators or authorized personnel review, verify, and finalize payroll data before it is submitted for actual processing. But fuzionHR calculates, generates, and disburses employee salaries and related payments automatically which makes your life easy. - Automatic calculation of gross and net salaries based on predefined rules, such as hourly rates or monthly rates, bonuses, and deductions. - Ensuring compliance with tax regulations by calculating and withholding income tax and other statutory deductions.
  • Handling various deductions, including for loans, advances, taxes, and other employee-specific deductions.
  • Integration with attendance and time-tracking systems to accurately calculate hours worked and overtime.
  • Adjusting salaries based on approved leaves, including paid time off and unpaid leaves.
Statutory Compliance

Unlock success with compliance as your guiding key.

Worried about IT compliances?? Don’t worry. FuzionHR is designed according to the norms to keep your business on an accurate and legal track with accurate tax deductions for EPF, PT, PF, LWF, ESI and many more.
  • Customizable statutory components
  • Location based statutories
  • Control Contributions for PF, ESIC, gratuity and bonus policies
  • TDS computation
  • Professional tax deduction
  • PF & ESIC Computation
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IT Declaration

Navigating IT Declarations with Precision and Ease.

The "IT declaration" module of FuzionHR is designed to handle the process of collecting, verifying, and managing employee declarations related to their income tax liabilities, deductions, and exemptions. This module aims to automate the entire workflow, ensuring accurate payroll calculations and compliance with tax regulations.
  • Declaration Submission
  • Document Upload and Attachment
  • Manager Review and Approval
  • Automatic Tax Calculation
  • Payroll Adjustment
Salary Configuration & Revision

Tailoring Compensation with Precision

FuzionHR allows custom salary configuration which encompasses the setup and management of compensation structures, including salary components, deductions, benefits, and taxation, to facilitate accurate and efficient payroll management.
  • Clone Salary
  • Update salary in bulk
  • Implement Salary Revision in Advance
  • Keep History of Salary Revision
  • Unlimited Salary Components
  • Dynamic Salary Structure
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Loan & Advance

Give your hand to employee when in need

Do you provide loans and advances to employees but find difficulties to track it? FuzionHR provides features that help organizations manage and track employee loans and advances.
  • Automatically deduct loan amount or advance payment from employees' salaries based on predefined schedules.
  • Pause loan deductions for a specified period
  • Automatic closure on completion of repayment
Contribution Configuration

Define custom contribution for employee and employer

FuzionHR allows for the process of setting up and defining various types of contributions that need to be deducted or contributed to employee accounts as part of their compensation and benefits as well as contributions that need to be deducted to employer accounts. This typically includes configuring elements related to PF, ESIC, Bonus, LWF and other deductions.
  • Define your own employee contribution and employer contribution
  • Set your own statutory limit
  • Decide whether overlimit is allowed or not
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Payslip Generation & Distribution

Effortless Payroll: From Creation to Your Hands.

Are you running your organization in different states and worried about state wise laws? Don't worry, FuzionHR helps you to generate a fully compliant salary-slip with individual state laws containing detailed breakdown of earnings, deductions, and taxes, providing a clear understanding of how their compensation is calculated. It enables employees to better manage their finances, plan for expenses, and save effectively.
  • Password protected payslips
  • Download and share
  • Automatically sent in email
  • Download anywhere, anytime
Bonus & Gratuity

Decide when and how you want to calculate and release

FuzionHR provides a specialized feature that helps organizations manage and process bonuses and gratuity payments for their employees efficiently and accurately. It gives flexibility to decide the deductions on which bonus & gratuity needs to be applied. It also gives flexibility to organizations to decide bonus limit, rate of percentage for bonus, eligible limit for bonus etc.
  • Auto calculated based on predefined criteria
  • Auto released in payroll based on your configuration
  • Also possible to release at your convenience
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Reports & Analytic

Ready-Made Reports Available at Your Fingertips

FuzionHR generates various payroll reports, including pay statements, payroll summaries, tax reports, statutory reports and other compliance-related reports required by Indian authorities such as Form 16, Form 12BB, and others.
  • 100+ reports
  • Download In PDF Or Excel Format
  • All Your Company Data Up To Date With One Click
  • Filter Data As Per Your Need
  • Reports for statutory compliance
  • MIS and reconciliation reports

Meet our Clients

Our clients are as diverse as they are amazing, ranging from startups to established businesses.

What our clients say

Our clients speak volumes about their experiences with us. Hear their voices and discover the impact we've made firsthand.

As a growing company, we needed an HRMS solution that could scale with us. FuzionHR not only met our current needs but also offers the flexibility to adapt as we continue to expand. It's been a vital tool in supporting our company's growth.

The level of automation provided by FuzionHR has been a game-changer for us. Tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes, allowing our HR team to be more productive and responsive to employee needs.

We were initially hesitant about transitioning to a new HRMS, but FuzionHR exceeded our expectations. The implementation process was seamless, and the support team was incredibly responsive. We're now wondering why we din't make the switch sooner.

Our employees love the self-service features of FuzionHR. They can easily access their information, request time off, and update their personal details without having to rely on HR. It's improved employee satisfaction and engagement across the board.

The compliance capabilities of FuzionHR have been invaluable for our organization. With ever-changing regulations, having a system that keeps us up-to-date and ensures we remain compliant has been crucial for peace of mind.

We've seen a noticeable improvement in communication and collaboration since implementing FuzionHR. The centralized platform has made it easier for departments to work together and has fostered a more cohesive company culture.

The mobile app for FuzionHR has been a game-changer for our remote workforce. Our employees can access the system anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for them to stay connected and engaged, even when they're not in the office.

As an HR professional, FuzionHR has simplified my workload immensely. I now have more time to focus on strategic initiatives and employee development, knowing that our HR processes are running smoothly thanks to this comprehensive software.