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Simplify expense tracking and settlement
with just a few clicks!

FuzionHR helps you to manage and track your day to day business expenses like food, office supplies, utilities etc. This module helps streamline the submission, approval, reimbursement, and tracking of expenses, making it easier for both employees and the finance department

Benefits for teams

Consolidate your expenses with FuzionHR

Eliminate the need for long hours in excel managing and inspecting receipts.

Benefits for companies

Supervise your financial outflows and investments

Executes real-time expenditure evaluation to ascertain worthwhile investments.

Benefits for employees

Authorize or decline expenses in the blink of an eye

Once your team submits a photo of their invoices, you can promptly grant approval.

Expense Head

Categorize expenses your way

FuzionHR allows categorizing the expenses which help organizations track, analyze, and manage their spending with greater precision and clarity. Each expense category represents a specific type of cost, such as travel, office supplies, utilities, or entertainment, making it easier to monitor financial activities, budget effectively, and make informed financial decisions.
  • Divide expense into categories
  • Analysis expense from each category
  • Handle expenses more effectively
  • Predefined and customizable expense categories
  • Accurate categorization of expenses for reporting and analysis
Expense Policies

Put an End to Overspending

Tailor your expense policies for each spending category, set spending limits based on roles to prevent team overspending. So, organizations can tailor FuzionHR to their specific workflows, policies, and business needs, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with their requirements.
  • Configuration options for expense categories, approval workflows, and policies.
  • Set general limit
  • Set limit based on designation
  • Allow overlimit if required
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Policy Enforcement

Your Shield Against Expense Chaos

This module ensures that all submitted expenses adhere to company policies and expense limits. It automatically validates expenses against predefined rules.
  • Customizable expense policies based on company guidelines.
  • Real-time policy enforcement during expense submission.
  • Alerts and notifications for policy violations.
Expense Submission

Your Expense Journey Starts Here

This module allows employees to digitally submit their expense reports. Users can enter details of expenses incurred during business activities, such as travel, meals, accommodations, and more.
  • Expense entry with date, amount, description, and category selection.
  • Attachment of digital receipts and expense documentation.
  • Support for multiple expense submission methods using web and mobile-app.
Receipt Capture

A Paperless Path to Expense Excellence

The receipt capture module simplifies the process of attaching and storing receipts. It allows users to upload digital receipts or capture images of paper receipts using mobile devices.
  • Mobile app integration for capturing images of paper receipts.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for extracting information from receipts.
  • Secure storage of digital receipts for easy retrieval.
Expense Approvals

Simplify for a more efficient workflow

The system allows managers or designated personnel to review and approve or deny expense requests based on predefined policy. It ensures that expenses comply with company policies and budgetary constraints. It also allows the creation of multiple level approval flows as per company policy.
  • Customizable approval hierarchies based on organizational structure.
  • Automated routing of expense reports to appropriate approvers.
  • Notifications and reminders for pending approvals.
  • Integration with email for approval notifications.
Expense Tracking

Simplify Expense Monitoring

Simplify your expense tracking and receive notifications for employee expense requests. So, this module continuously monitors and records all expenses within the organization, providing a comprehensive expense history. It serves as a central repository for expense data.
  • Real-time tracking of expenses, including date, category, amount, and status.
  • Historical expense data for audit and analysis purposes.
  • Quick access to expense reports and their details.
Integration with Payroll

Where Expense Management Meets Payroll Precision

Seamless integrated with payroll modules ensures that expense data flows accurately and efficiently, reducing data entry errors and facilitating financial reporting.
  • Automatic synchronization of expense data with payroll.
  • Accurate reimbursement and financial reporting.
Reports & Analytics

Receive On-the-Spot Report Deliveries

Get real time reports which provide detailed insights into various aspects of expenses, helping businesses make informed financial decisions, maintain compliance, and enhance financial control.
  • Report generation with various filters and parameters.
  • Data visualization for easy analysis.
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities.
  • Expense Summary Reports
  • Detailed Expense Reports
  • Category Based Reports
  • Expense Approval Reports

Benefits For Employees

You'll take charge of tracking your own expenses as an employee.
  • Gain real-time insights into your spending, with clear visibility into whether expenses have been approved, rejected, and the reasons behind it.
  • Easily log your expenses, snap a photo of the receipt, attach the invoice, and you're all set!
  • Break free from the burden of irregular expense report tasks.
  • Disable or Suspend the Card if Lost
  • Receive amount in form of cash, voucher or payroll

Benefits for companies

Effortlessly Handle, Review, and Approve or Decline Expenses in a Matter of Seconds.
  • Say goodbye to the chaos of receipt searching and email overload.
  • Enjoy the convenience of consolidating all expenses in one centralized location.
  • Receive prompt notifications via the app or email whenever an employee submits an expense, and approve or reject it with a single click.
  • Easily add comments to expenses or request additional information when necessary.
  • Gain real-time insights into your spending and analyze your primary investment areas.
How Can Expense Management Software Benefit You?

We focus on what matters most – our expense management software delivers.

  • Leave behind the era of paper and the hassle of reviewing expenses one by one. Simplify expense management by consolidating everything into a single software platform.
  • Enhance collaboration with the ability to comment on expense reports and request additional details as needed.
  • Drive your company's profitability by gaining insights into high-profit areas and pinpointing where strategic investments are essential.
  • Equip yourself with essential information for smarter decision-making, enabling you to prioritize revenue generation and minimize expenditure.
Is it done?

Not at all.

  • Effortlessly Import Expenses into Excel or Your Accounting Software for Tax Filing.
  • Organize, Analyze, and Retrieve Expense Reports on Demand.
  • Filter Expenses by Date, Department, Project, or Type.
  • Achieve Greater Visibility, Data Insights, and Increased Profits.

What our clients say

Our clients speak volumes about their experiences with us. Hear their voices and discover the impact we've made firsthand.

As a growing company, we needed an HRMS solution that could scale with us. FuzionHR not only met our current needs but also offers the flexibility to adapt as we continue to expand. It's been a vital tool in supporting our company's growth.

The level of automation provided by FuzionHR has been a game-changer for us. Tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes, allowing our HR team to be more productive and responsive to employee needs.

We were initially hesitant about transitioning to a new HRMS, but FuzionHR exceeded our expectations. The implementation process was seamless, and the support team was incredibly responsive. We're now wondering why we din't make the switch sooner.

Our employees love the self-service features of FuzionHR. They can easily access their information, request time off, and update their personal details without having to rely on HR. It's improved employee satisfaction and engagement across the board.

The compliance capabilities of FuzionHR have been invaluable for our organization. With ever-changing regulations, having a system that keeps us up-to-date and ensures we remain compliant has been crucial for peace of mind.

We've seen a noticeable improvement in communication and collaboration since implementing FuzionHR. The centralized platform has made it easier for departments to work together and has fostered a more cohesive company culture.

The mobile app for FuzionHR has been a game-changer for our remote workforce. Our employees can access the system anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for them to stay connected and engaged, even when they're not in the office.

As an HR professional, FuzionHR has simplified my workload immensely. I now have more time to focus on strategic initiatives and employee development, knowing that our HR processes are running smoothly thanks to this comprehensive software.

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